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Dog Fountain
Dog Fountain
Dog Fountain
Dog Fountain

Dog Fountain

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The Dog Fountain self-waterer is a clever; economical design which dispenses fresh water as your pet drinks; keeping his bowl at the same level. Perfect for busy pet owners or when away from home. This model has extra capacity for thirsty dogs. Funnel-shaped side reduces dripping on floors.

  • Uses any 2-liter size plastic soda bottle for water reservoir (not included)
  • System works on vacuum principle - keeps water fresh over long extended periods.
  • Dispenses water only as needed by pet.
  • Ideal for busy working pet owners or when away from home
  • Water-filled plastic bottles can be frozen for cold drinks during hot summer days - ice melts slowly through the day.
  • Heavily weighted-down when water-filled bottles are in place. Ten lbs heavy!
  • Sturdy thick-walled 14" diameter bowl.
  • Easy cleaning - use warm soapy water for washing ensures long; uninterrupted use
  • Comes in assorted marbled colors.

Note: 2-liter bottles not included

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